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Welcome to Hubsy café & coworking! We only charge the time you spend with us. You don't need to pay any extra, snacks and drinks are included! Here, you are welcome to work, study, have a meeting or an interview, use our high-speed Wifi and above all, at Hubsy feel free to take your time! We care about providing you optimal working conditions and an amazing coffee experience in a homey environment. Our workspaces are accessible without reservation.

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Hubsy coffee roaster

After falling in love with coffee in Australia, Anthony and Jeremy share with you their passion for roasting. Hubsy coffee roaster selects for you a pure Arabica coffee from the latest harvests. Our baristas, trained coffee professionals, will prepare perfectly all your favorite drinks: Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocha, Chocolate, Macha Latte, Chaï Latte, Iced Tea, Lemonade...

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Enjoy a high-speed internet thanks to our wifi solutions. You will find plugs besides each seat so you can easily recharge any of your working tools. At Hubsy's you can also print, and scan your documents in color or black and white. Hubsy gives you the possibility to book private spaces for you and your team, in order to hold your call conferences and meetings in an effective way.

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