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Make Yourself at Home

All you can eat and drink

All we charge is the time you spend with us. Here, you’re welcome to work, study, have a meeting or an interview, use our high speed Wifi and above all, at Hubsy’s your welcome to take your time ! We strive to provide you with optimal working conditions and an amazing coffee experience in a homey environment.

Cosy lounge

Soft music, comfy chairs and cozy sitting areas: a chilled out, stressfree space designed so you can give your best.

Coffee World

Coffee is art, art you can taste

Our baristas, trained coffee professionals, will make your favourite hot drink to perfection. Because a good coffee is better enjoyed with a little sweetness on the side, come help yourself for free, to any of the little treats we have selected for you.

Discover a world of flavours

Every week, come discover a wide range of hot beverages: Cappuccino, Mocha, Macha Latte, Chai Latte...

Our Workspace

The hub

You will find plugs besides each chairs so you can easily recharge any of your working tools. At Hubsy's you can also print, and xerox your documents in color or black and white. We also offer a binding pack (for a small extra) to protect and give a real professional look to your finished work.

Private spaces

Hubsy gives you the possibility to book private space for you and your team, in order to hold your call conferences and meetings in an effective way.